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1. Black Lotus

In a green field far, far away; Opens a flower; at the dawn of a new day; Its beauty is stunning; its fragrance is sweet; But under the leaves; death lies at its feet; Black lotus; Near a dark pool gr...

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2. Darkness Falls

Am I awake, dead, or on my way; to heaven; The night is closing in, but not in reality; And as a sinner; that stands before; the Inner Sanctum; I try to stand up all, but still I'm down; on my knees; ...

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3. Descending

Be wise, think twice; Your life the price; Be wise, think twice; Before you throw; it all away; Your life the price; What a price to pay; Dreams have longe gone; Trapped within four walls; She's taken...

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4. Kissed Goodbye

When darkness falls; like a cloak around you; Don't fear the wolves; howling at your door; I have built this; wall around you; Yo protect you; forevermore; When there is light; on the edge of darkness...

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5. Living Lie

You've opened my eyes; You have made me realize... I have had insights; Now I've learned to; swallow my pride; Why do I cry; Why are you leaving me; behind like this; Here I draw the line; No more tim...

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6. The Wisdom Of Hindsight

I heard the voices, heard the screams; I saw the faces; in magazines; A lady in black, she turned around; Once you've in; you won't come out; Their minds are; void of innocence; Perverted smiles; and ...

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7. Veil Of Charity

I won't ask you; to understand; If the feeling's right; then take my hand; A promise made, a solems start; We'd dance the dance; 'till death do us part; The music fades; You see the world; through dif...

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8. Victimless Tragedy

All but a memory, I dearly paid the price; Bridges may be burnt, but from the ashes; I will rise; Free from all misery, agony and pain; Soon I will be; coming home again; Waiting in the distandce, wat...

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9. Winter

Screams break through; the silence of the night; Eagles are circling; across the moonlight; The dark creatures; gather and behold; A new season; so deadly and cold; Storm, rain, tunderclouds; and ligh...

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