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1. A Matter Of Trust

Sometimes life is so unfair it makes me want to scream-walls are closing in on me and i can hardly breathe-but no matter how hard it gets i can't just walk away; My lord and savior jesus christ will a...

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2. Illusions

Through my eyes I've seen things aren't always what they seem-watch out when the slate looks clean there's usually something behind the scenes-misinformed and mislead; led astray by what was said-cand...

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3. Little Things

Regardless of what is expected of me sometimes I feel like it all amounts to nothing I know my lord is always watching out for me but I still let anger get the best of me; sometimes I fill with rage o...

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4. Our Only Hope

I used to fell so helpless the enemy had such a hold on me I prayed for deliverance and the almighty set me free now I stand condemned before the world with its selfish and evil ways and I know that I...

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5. Recovery

I'm powerless-completely powerless-I went out now I'm back to try again-I went out now I'm back to try again-set free and now I know I never have to go back to where I was- Your; strength will carry m...

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