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1. Another Night Alone

Just another day with out you; Just another night alone; The loneliness of the stars, just as distant as you are; Far away lighten up the night; And the day it was done, and you walked off to the sun;...

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2. Depression In G Minor

Every time i turn around, i feel as if you turn me down. Every time my hopes get off the ground, i feel as if they're shattered by the sound. ; Your voice, grants me no consolation. Your smile, my sou...

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3. Every Single Day

every time the white is swept up off the ground we grab a couple friends and hang out to talk about the chicks that live in this town. try to find some ways to pass the time, why's kickin your best fr...

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4. Handfuls Of Lifetimes

Id go through all the pain; 1000 times again; Just to remember whats its like; 500 nights alone, Hanfulls of heartaches; Its alrite with me

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5. High School Chicks Suck

i didn't do much this vacation week; just sat and thought of all the things we could be; but we were together every night, hense my fear; i never wanted to see the day; and i know you're gone for good...

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6. It's A Deal

can we forget about our past; and all the things we did wrong; i know ill think of you; everything i play this song; will you think of me; while you're lying all alone; i hope you think of all the thi...

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7. Love And Rockets

im not getting very far, running these circles around you, digression is the key in turning my second lap around myself. in trying to restore this void i have found, i can ruin my own life i don't nee...

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8. Photo Memorandum

much too tired of having the same old restless nights, hopes and dreams all in vain. ; i know for a fact that its too little to late, but im too scared to just let go; ive known nothin else in my enti...

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9. Someday

i wish we could be together every day. but we can't and you're better alone anyway; better than me sking you to stay; and you turning around and telling me to go away. ; why can't every day feel like ...

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10. Thank You For Dreaming The Friendly Skies

my apathy doesn't apeal to you as much as i'd expect; reflections of my former self remind me of times, we'd swing the night away; my hearts been drained, and it's beginning to stain the tub. ; whoa, ...

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11. The Covenant

all too often we walk away; without doing things that we think we should do; and saying things that we know we probably should say. and i wont waste my life away; doing the things that you think i sho...

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12. Three Cents Towards Tomorrow

all of my frustration, it's all for nothing; you call yourself a friend, well i'm not seeing that; i left the door wide open, and you still had to kick it down; my rusty hinges give way. ; i know its ...

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