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1. Bloodpoem

Spirits, dressed in Autumn skies; Are dancing, to a withering Serenade; Solemn... Sanguine... ; Funera, your Semen is growing; Plague, the Paragon destruction; Suffering... Arrives... ; Written, poetr...

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2. Consecration Of Death

Silence, ever so loud; Emptiness, of beauty is proud; Gods, are hungry and pale; Worms, feed from the wounds; Ghosts, walk the ebon earth; Ruins, of eden remains; The Moon, hunts the sun that hides; E...

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3. Eternal Sleep

A dying twilight sets within my heart; Your perished flame of life that lit my spark; ...gone; Swept away from reality; On wings of time into eternity; Eternal sleep among the stars; Deceased, departe...

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4. Obliteration

Cold as ice, eternal winter night; Pale as snow, embracing veils of velvet black; A thousand sparrows whisper; of autumn's fading gloom; The beauty seized beyond this realm; of space and time; Across ...

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5. Ophidia Astrum

Towards a shadow Dynasty; In ecstasy and desire torn free; Serpent knowledge supreme; Invincibility is known to me; Ophidia Astrum; I am beauty, I am beast; I am conqueror profound; Consecration immem...

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6. Out Of Chaos Spawn

Cursed be your holy god, blessed be the life of sin; Cursed be your holy christ, blessed be the beast within; I will not kneel to christ my life I yield to sin; No laws of god shall chain my burning s...

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7. Sanctum Black

Smear witchery on my hands; Smear witchery on my mouth; Devilry the ancient art; Serpent spells transcend me; Covenant of blood unique; Ceremony of perversion; Of lust and fires impure; Come forth San...

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8. Seducer Of Pain Divine

The pain I endure is divine; Escaping the torment of life; And into her dreams; Demon empress, exalted one; Of chaos breed, her soul unbound; She is desire, the lust profane; Enslaved to her, explorin...

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9. Suffer My Deeds

A spark of vile contempt; Ablazed my seething hate; In bloodred flames of hate I burn; Struck numb by frantic wrath; My boiling rage unleashed; In bloodred flames of hate I burn; Vengeance, the taste ...

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