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1. Honest

[verse 1]; I never thought I'd lose the feeling that I lost today; Just like the summer we were younger; And you slipped away; Was that my one mistake? I figured maybe there was something; That would ...

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2. How Long Must I Wait For You

Scholars say the man is best known by his ways, Well I hope no one is watching, because I'm not myself today. But this chip upon my shoulder, takes a toll upon my face; Pretty soon all that I knew wil...

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3. Old Flame

[Verse 1]; Last time I tried to get you on the phone; I knew that you were gone; As if that wasn't enough; replaying messages you left for me; Just to hear you speak; [Hook]; Ooh; [Verse 2]; I've been...

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4. Riches or Gold (Fat City)

[Verse 1]; I'm wanted for change; An outlaw for a greater cause; Here to campaign for a life we've wanted all along; I think were doing time in a life that's not just our own; Maybe we've met our matc...

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5. Shoot It Straight

Words cut like diamonds through this window pane, Voices crashing loudly, in what seems to drown the rain. And I speak in tounges and clench my fist, In hopes to shine some light on this mess. ; You p...

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6. You Need a Soul

I don't know you anymore, You done and gone lost your mind. There ain't nothing you can do, You and I, we are through, Pray I don't see him down the line. ; When did your heart turn to stone? I hope y...

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