A Letter To You

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1. A Midwest Sunrise

But I know that you will never tell me; What your thinking, so thats why; I've gotta make my move this moment; Has been a rush i've been thinking; Whether or not to touch; What i've wanted for so long...

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2. For Just Tonight

Slow down now; This is too much for me to take; Don't move so fast; This heart's too easy, so easy to break; It's time you go, let's run away; There's nothing left in the midwest anyway; I will be, I'...

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3. I'm Fine, Thanks For Asking

We’re awake; We’ve been talking for hours on the phone; Now I’m sick and tired; Of bein’ all alone; She said, she said; Stop now; Look around to all their sorry faces; They’ll never have what we had; ...

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4. No You'll Never Know

No, I'm just fine; I'm alright. ; Can't you see all that he needs; is for you to greet him on your knees; on your, on your knees; No, you'll never know; You'll never know; You'll never.. You'll never ...

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