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1. A Separation Of Sentiments

Isn't it all just a little overwhelming? accept my hand. let me guide you. accept my guidance. let me defile you. lead you. consume you. break you. complete you. just to remain. this entrance into my ...

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2. Abhorrent Ascent

Coincidence has brought us to this drudgery; Has brought us from uncertainty. The light is a veil I expect to fade away. Why? Do I really deserve this? It’s constant, consuming, presuming it’s my fate...

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3. And As The Sun Stills

I watch my words to conceal the feelings i hide. The myth of honour dies. Your deceit betrays my trust; So as my guard slips will you be waiting? Knife in hand i lie bleeding below. Every step you tak...

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4. Chaos Becomes Us

Patience is no longer a virtue when the complacent have turned. Repetition will only take you so far, will only force you to grow blinder in a world that’s already lost its vision. Where docility lead...

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5. Childern Of Lilth

And with every affirmation it grows stronger inside but the tendency to contemplate flares doubt within the budding of kinship. the two are more and more alike. and there is more here than salacious p...

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6. Elegy To Empathy

The daylight fades. I close my eyes. This pains me more than you will know; I hold it inside. This is the end of me. I’ve become all I can bear to be. This is that which I can’t undo. From me to you. ...

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7. Form Of Kypris

Doubt truth to be a liar but not that i love look up, see past the grey. the radiance seeps through and suddenly there is awakening with so much to offer and yet still so little to share. it misleads ...

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8. Never

For each moment we question being; They question it ten fold; Wondering if they’ll ever be able to reclaim; What it was they once had; Or if there’s a chance that they could ever be Themselves again. ...

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9. Opus No.17

Starting anew. The selfish, the putrescent, control and the amiable. Weathered by weary in rotting new skin, fresh for the falling. Once degraded by what we've been fed. Twice degraded by taking it in...

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10. Post-mortem Pre-Ævum

Hold on to the time you have. Uncertainty holds the key to its vitality; and the unrest that follows it will bring your downfall. You never know what you have 'til it's gone. It's fading. To watch it ...

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11. Progeny & Poltergeist

What have you to say as we struggle to divide ourselves beyond the lines of compromise? There can be nothing quite so fair as the cigarette burning through the calmness of our cotton littered canopy. ...

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12. Requiem For The Masses

Plurrimi nequam morbus notus ut vir est vir sui. Purity was never part of way things were and the way they’d be. Inside all men cloaked in darkness lies the weakness too oft seen. There’s something to...

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13. Sullen

I’m not and will never be the son; I’m supposed to be. Nevermore will I trust in self empowerment. I’m falling apart inside. In darkness I’m happy. Nothing bothers me inside. It’s just me and infinity...

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14. The Lesser Of Evil

Could I over come this all? It comes over me and I suffocate. A dream too late for me. Loss of control will take its toll. I’m losing time. His will is to be mine. Don’t you know you never can win? Wh...

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15. The Ominous

Keep your face down. Hold your breath; sweetness, this moment is beauteous. In the stillness we undermine the innocence. Be silent. Your screams are but a whisper now. The blood that stains the asphal...

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16. The Voice Inside

This casing constrains me, kills the essence inside. This careless, hardened world can't sustain this anymore. Don't count on me. Don't count on…Don't count on me. Ceaseless lies. (reason) True life d...

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