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1. 17 Shots

[Verse: 1]; 17 shots in my clip; I’m rolling through my hood muthafuckas dont trip; Then I saw the Liquor Store where they shot lil’ Joe, hanging out the window, puffin’ on some Indo. The owners on hi...

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2. Audi 5000

[Verse: 1]; I once knew a bitch named Mercedes Benz; Her and Lexus wanted to sex me and all my friends; Damb, You want it, You got it Toyota; I gave Impala a holla because he’s got the Mota; about a p...

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3. Represent The Brown

[Verse One]; Knock, Knock honey I'm home; Got the hun spoke, crome on the brome; I'm zipping chronic getting stoned; Got Jenny on the phone; And there's many that want condomed; A lady emcee; Getting ...

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