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1. Another Corner

She moved away slowly as he buttoned his shirt; I measure my love for you by how much I hurt; Hands in our pockets to the soles of our shoes; Pretending to listen to something we already knew; Turn an...

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2. Elitist Friends

How can I explain, it just gets so insane; I admit there's so much I don't know; But I confess I can't handle all this mess; I believe it's time for me to go; Refrain:; I don't understand the helping ...

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3. Highschool

I'm tired of the monuments; On your technological shelf; I'm tired of you talking to me; Like I'm somebody else; I'm sick of the arguments; That make me feel so cruel; REFRAIN:; And I'd sell my soul i...

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4. Just A Letter

On a doorstep the night you set me free; Lonely walks and empty talks; And there's no one there but me; And I still feel the heartbreak rolling down my cheeks; As I call out your name and nobody speak...

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5. Look Away

Sitting here thinking 'bout the holes in my shirt; The rednecks are in revolution and Christ is written in the dirt; Swimming in the traffic waiting for the light to turn; While the people of Hiroshim...

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6. Melanie Said

Melanie says too much of everything; Melanie says not enough of anything; I don't care what Melanie said; Lying back naked with her energy spread; Magazines and cigarettes all over her bed; And I don'...

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7. Piece Of Blue

I believe I saw an angel with wingtips on her shoes; Without a word I knew I could get used to getting used; Glimpses of a paper reflected in her eyes; Clutched in the hand of a man who almost passed ...

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8. Rockin' Chair

Sweet sister hold me, roll me in your arms; Don't you let the bad men take me; Don't you let them do me harm; REFRAIN: Stay down, way down, lay down; I'm gonna sit in my rockin' chair, yeah, Sit in my...

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9. Shame

Sell your soul and try to live; Taking more than there is to give; Understand but what's the use; No time is another excuse; Keep the money when the gavel falls; In the sacred name of justice for all;...

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10. The Road Most Traveled

Well there's nothing new inside my shoes; I guess I might be bored; And I don't have a Cadillac, so I got into my Ford; It's late out on this interstate; I believe I see a wreck; And I'm hoping time i...

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11. Vague Reflections

You thought that money would light your star; Take a look now at who you are; Who you are, who you are; Vague reflections of who you are; You kept on going 'til you could not run; Take a look now at w...

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