A Good Day For Killing

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1. Grandmotherfuck

My Grandmother can't walk. She stay in bed all day. Her muscle are weak. I know it old people nature. One day my parents not home. I've to take her to bath alone. I take off her panties. and wash her ...

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2. Rectalechery

Acrid rectal matter. slowy flow onto my face. lovely color and its aroma. enchant me to taste... Mouth open to recieve. elation fulfill buccal ecstasy. tongue smear , inject. between anal sphincter......

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3. Urethral Orificial Sodomy

Rusty Drill straight to moisten clit. Torturing inside urinary orifice. vacuum cleaner sucking in and fixed. purulent piss, my tongue licked... She groaned with esctasy. pleasure of sodomy. carpenter'...

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