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1. Black Forest II

No people no trucks no cars; no movies no TV stars; Humanity is erased; Black forest left in its place; No burgers no sports no jokes; civlization was a hoax; Fire, smoke rain ash and death; Black for...

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2. Death Train

Death train slogging through the dusty land; pale blue water and growing sand; no passengers no engineer; no destination, far or near; Coals are burning heating up the tank; pistons churning and the w...

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3. Experiment

I am your experiment; I'm the best equivalent; alienate to personalize; take a look into my eyes; One-way mirror on the wall; who's the lonliest of all? Disconnection in? concrete; reality testing is ...

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4. Flies

In the dark ages, medieval times; In the first stages of the last decline; In the ancient city, AD 79; frozen in ash; smothered in time; In the fertile crescent reading cuneiform; Past and present in ...

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5. Galena

With no free breath; I crouch and stare; a dead machine; to take me there; the worst of prisons; in barren stone; the saddest depths; I work alone; A burning lamp; to give me light; It's poison gas; t...

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6. Negative

Dissapointing days in a hot white haze; nothing good ever...stays; fault line lost in continental drift; absolute zero-no negative shift; ...no negative shift; incoherence and empty sense; I'm living ...

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