A Foot In The Grave

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1. Against The Wind

Marching; To dawn from sunset; Marching; Under the burning sun; Marching; Against the wind; We are soldiers of doom; We fight to conquer the enemy land; Nothing can stop us; Marching and marching; int...

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2. In My Grave

Oh my God; I’m entrapped; Six feet under in a grave; I can’t breathe; I must stand still; Please open the coffin; I don’t know how; I don’t know when but; I will return to life for my sweet revenge; A...

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3. Inside My Head

I can hear them now; A thousand voices inside my head; Can you hear them now? Screaming loudly your name; I can’t keep your pain; A black poison inside my heart; Driving me crazy; In the abyss stands ...

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