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1. 14th & Knott

The Sound of silence in the streets; Echo off the cars; The way everyone’s asleep seems to be the start; Of dreams wandering this town; Will never get you far; The time has come, The time to run; Do y...

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2. A Night Polaris

If I reached the end would it ease my mind; To leave it with you? And memory please remember me; Because you're all that I have; I can stand alone, if all on my own; Forget our names; Let's escape fro...

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3. Airsick

This Road Seems longer as it takes me; Takes me further each day; Trying to get used to all these towns; But I'm not quite the same; So show me, show me what I'm missing; And what I can't see; And lea...

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4. Be Honest

Oh, oh did you hear? You hung me to dry standing right by your side; And I will be honest with you now, cause i know that you won't; Don't tell me I'm not for real; Can't tell me I'm not for real; Eve...

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5. Can I Start New?

I feel your eyes stare into mine; Burning through just who I am; I wish I could make things right again; I know this road takes me from you; But I can't seem to slow this down; I see myself, but you'r...

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6. City Parks

My eyes have seen stranger things; So I dont wanna be the one you lost; Sometimes falling apart is the only way to; Seek the cost; I'm drifting off to space; And i'm singing out; These times are takin...

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7. Daylight

Think I broke myself; I just fell a couple feet; Like a glass of ice; The crystals fight; I am here, am I losing ground? I am one, you are all around; Everywhere; Sometimes I feel like; Love is not af...

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8. Do You Believe? (in Ghosts)

Stand Up, I just saw you; Like a shadow in the distance; Cautiously I slowly start to breath; Slowly taste you in the air; You're just a ghost; Invisible, you're just a ghost; Stand Up, because I'm no...

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9. Intermission To The Moon

Please, hear me call out loud; Hear me scream this sound; Its the only thing you'll hear; And it tells so cold; And i figure so; You'll figure out when you're here; Space is all you've got; Chorus:; Y...

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10. The Life

Am I alive? Is it breath that keeps me living in my lungs; So I can be strong? Do I believe in you? Do I believe that... ; I want to change from the inside out; I'll give you the life, give you the li...

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11. Trendsetter

You're rolling up in your Mercedes Benz; Full of your fake friends; They're laughing like they love you; You walk around just like you LA; With all your make up; Boys aren't supposed to wear that stuf...

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