A Day Before Sunrise

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1. Aeroplane

I never thought its gone; The times we shared together; We used some other words; Some words that signed the future; But now its dark cold; And we all are moving home; And what if we are still the sam...

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2. Bela Lugosi

I realized that I don`t exist to live; A life in my own way; A life without beginners luck; Look at daniel he just wants to fight; Without some rules and pain; Without some teacher by his side; We are...

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3. Leave Me Alone

For me its leaving; For you its just a stupid game; So let me walk across the wall; And the I try to fall asleep; But you alwys wake me up; My pillow is sweaty from my dreams; Just two steps back (to ...

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4. Nine Numbers

Well here I'm lying; On this bedroom floor; Nothing will happen if you don`t call me; I'm waiting for your phone; I tried a thousand times before; I hope you will phone me; And let it out; I wouldn't ...

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5. Raindrops

We should find new love; Without saying it through our teeths; New love new arts just feel it deep; Inside we are closer than we are; Just take it like a friend; Somehow too close to feel; Too far awa...

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6. Set Fire

We take one step for another; We never going to loose our ways; We never thought that it could change; Our lives nothing is too far away; We try to set fire to those ships; We burned the ships who lea...

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7. Voices Over A Heartbeat

The music is dying all over; We need our ears to hear; Some voices are over a heartbeat; These beats are giving me; The rest I ever need; If you find your lost point; Turn on the radio; Listen to thei...

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