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1. Away From The Shadows

She doesn’t know how; She doesn’t know where she’s going to end; In this back seat of leather; All she sees are trees that are passing her by; To reach an end; In this place; That seems a duel with ti...

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2. Dialogue

This darkened prison, obscures the only light; That shines through the heart and this disturbed mind; And I m feeling dead; As I, as if I were dead; The day is coming, I feel it closer to me; I know t...

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3. Dreadful Dream

Standing in this painting, that it seems to be alive; It’s black but has some contrasts I can barely see it all; Don’t wake me up, is this a dream? Don’t know anymore what’s real or not; The painting ...

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4. Fading Away

Awaiting here in silence, seems so far away; I’ve tried to stop this burden, but it breaks again; Can’t control this thoughts I cannot; Loose my sanity or I’ll fail; I have to stop running away from m...

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5. Fire Across The Land

There was a time when darkness and light; Collide in a battle to decide who would have the power; To rule all the fire is the main task for each side; And since then they have struggled; Until one day...

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6. Hollow

Para que he nacido, que me entierren vivo; Para estar contigo, que me entierren vivo Noooooooooo; Me siento vacío; What’s the direction!! To separate our ways is the only path; And what’s the result!!...

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7. Last Act Of A Sickening Show

As I was walking, the night started to close; And the rain was freezing my soul; I felt like this was, the last night witnessing; A man with the cold inside; But then a light seemed to appear in a dar...

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8. Of Dream And Redemption

The ghosts do not destroy the memory; They feed it from the corner of this dark room; The memories of his life; The only thing that has some value; NOW! Feel in the air the joy of past times; Just hol...

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9. Open Minds Will Dominate

I got away in the end, to see your own failure; I’ll choose a day, just to take the life that made you; This represents and shows the way, of a common brainstorm; Now the path is clear, we’ll just pre...

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10. Senseless Dilemma

The sorrow just went away; The coldness started to end; The things just get clearer; They do not posses me; A concept that makes us through; Is a progress that terminates; And determinates us too; The...

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11. Shadowy Season (a Ravenous Moon)

The night is proclaiming, she owns all the beings; That torments your soul, you won’t escape now; Bloodthirsty she looks for, and searches for a lost soul now…; You won’t escape the shadows; Alliance,...

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12. The Funeral

And her life seemed smaller; The smell of dirt and death was all around it; And she knew that something; Had happened when she saw them that night; In this place she will lie; The eternal sleep of a n...

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