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1. Apex Realized

At the edge strike the heart; to the core (I feel it). Merciless I let slip; dogs of war (and I feel it); Slowly drown in this cell; I have wrought (I feel it). Someone else; forgive me; I cannot. ; S...

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2. Beyond Recall

Confused, condemned, detained. Interred, entombed, restrained. Contract, collapse, divide. Expand, explode, collide. ; I brought this; all on myself. It brings me. ; Back down to this place; again for...

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3. Burn It All

Open the door and the light washes in. say what you will, i won't believe it anymore. Everything's gone, i'm not where i belong, It's the end of the song ... because i'm free now. ; I broke the chain ...

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4. Dust and Ashes

Collective sorrow; Imprinted on us all; Manifests to break the will; As a hammer to the skull; Resist reprisal of no consequence; Finite existence dust and ashes (Remain); Corrosive pathos; Now drowni...

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5. Nucleus

To negate and neutralize we must lose all. Integrate into one; metamorphic reaction. All will fade...all but one. Evolution has begun. ; The delta over time will yield truth. Integrate into one; metam...

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6. Silence

I welcome shades of grey openly; Anachronistic life unending; Unnecessary strain compounding; The failing cognition resounding; I hate what I become; when all I have is this; And the weight collapses ...

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7. Unbreakable

Complete what I may; on this last of all days; Unmake errors committed to stone; Headfirst into the nightmare unknown; Reckoning here at last; From the feast to the fast; Wretched soul come and passed...

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