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1. Happy Days Are Here Again

Happy days are here again (2X); This is what I've been waiting; This is what we've been wanting; Happy days are here again; And your life is about to begin; Time has come for us to win; And our love i...

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2. Heartbreaker

You better watch out; What he says or what he does; Don't take a chance on him; So you won't end up like a trash; Don't fall for his trap; 'Cause he'll get you down flat; He's broken a thousand hearts...

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3. Imaginary Girl

Kon'ya mo kimi no maryoku ni sasoware tobikomu Night Tripper; Kono ai ni yousha naku MUCHI wo utsu memai no EKUSUTASHII; Zonou mushibamu amai izanai; Tenohira de odorasareteru MARIONETTO; Fushigi na k...

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4. Rockin' The Beat

Now, everybody get up on your feet; just keep on dancin'; Babe, don't you quit; Hangin' on as the music's on; And make the best of your rockin' talk with me, with me; Now take a break for a Saturday n...

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5. Toki No Naka De

"Even in Hell, There will be a side of the radiant Light."; That was what you taught me. ; If it is without you, It will be like the far away past, Unable to lift my spirits, Even courage fades into e...

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6. What A Fool I Am

I, I've never realized; What I've given up for you; You, you never gave me the chance; To be what I wanted; To love you as I am; Life o' love you never gave me; Doesn't stop me from wantin' you; And a...

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