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1. A Different Kind Of Love

The wind felt like a frail storm; With the chimes still singing the summer's born; Say goodbye to the rest of the rain; We ran until there was no daylight; When the sun went down and day turned to nig...

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2. All The Weak

The road seems so far from here; And I know everything seems so clear; All the weak don't fall beneath the sky; All the weak don't leave this life behind; Sometimes the world stops meeting you; and so...

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3. Bank

The way it started, I had no doubt; Your lips were soft and I was down; Our fingers laced and our hands tied; Our lips were locked and it felt right; But suddenly you became the largest crook known to...

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4. Believe

Something's got to give, Something's got to give. Let's talk about life, Let's talk about it twice. ; Everybody wants something magical. Everybody wants something beautiful. Everybody wants something ...

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5. Changes

Close your eyes; Watch it all; Pass us as we know; Cause everything; In this world; Is here today and gone tommorrow; So get up and get down; And everybody crowd around; Cause this is the sound; Get u...

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6. Dream Away

So you are; Through the night; And I lost myself in your eyes; On the beach; Held your hands; As we dug our feet into the sand; If I could have you in my life at all; That would be enough; Now I don't...

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7. Everything

This time I realize you're looking this way with your real eyes. ; You're the beat that cant stop, the peak of plot, the deep in my thought, the time on my watch. You're the air that I breathe, the wo...

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8. Lights Camera Action

[Shaun]; This is when the best act in town; [Colin]; Like ashes to ashes they all fall down; [Shaun]; We'll all come and watch the play today; [Colin]; And pray for this day; [Shaun]; We'll start two,...

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9. Lions

I've been getting so caught up in the way I was brought up; The things I do, the things I take; I've been trying and trying just to watch all these lions raging in and outside of me; Someday you'll sa...

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10. Mr. White

Get out the candlelight; I'll strike the light to watch them ignite; Why are people so frantic when they are so romantic; Why are people in pain when we can boogie and shake; You see we're worn down; ...

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11. Perfect Company

I've been to just about a million places, Sunny skies everywhere and in between, But just to know I'm right here with you, It's the most beautiful thing I've ever seen. ; Oh my God you're such a beaut...

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12. South

Every step that I want to take I'm told to hurry up and wait, Every time that I miss a break its just my luck, ; As I hold hands with hope, fate lies right in front of me, As my eyes have proven to sh...

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13. The Piano Song

Welcome to my dreamiest nightmare, Where you're so close but you never get there, There's still some things you need to say to me; Because my love, you're my farthest destiny. ; I never thought, I'd s...

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14. Tonight Lites

Let's get this on tonight; We'll turn down all the lights; We knew it felt so right; I saw you, From across the room, I saw you, And I said to myself; By the end of the night; We make some time; To ha...

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15. Your Smile Never Fades

Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah; Wipe down the combination to your heart; Lost spinning round and round to watch it come apart; I know the things you say and what you do; Are all spinning one four three times ...

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