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1. A Place Where Even Shadows Fall

Without you I'm so wrapped up in the steps I never could take; And I won't let myself go through this over and over again; I've been asking myself what's my point in this; I'm here to let everyone kno...

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2. Explorer

Every road has come to an end; And it seems as though that I've reached every one of them; And I have no words to describe how bad want to be myself; But in this mirror I see somebody else; [Chorus]; ...

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3. Last Spring (summer's Downfall)

It's alright, all you gotta do now, Is get your heart back home. It's not what you did but what your gonna do. I told you I'd get out of this alive. But you know how that goes... ; Because, I've been ...

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4. Life In An Hourglass

Breathe in breathe out; That's what they said to me; She says with a smile; I look into your eyes and I see home; She's all he has left; She falls to the floor and time stands still; He kneels to her ...

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5. Life Of Me

This Godforsaken little town; Well it's got me on the noose; I guess I'll lose what I will lose; What should I say? I'm just a boy with lots to see; Wearing his whole heart on his sleeve; What's to be...

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6. Love One Another

Cause as this world. As it keeps on spinning. My mind becomes. Dizzier as it goes. Can't seem to find my space. Or find my place, to fit in. This life, goes quicker than you know. ; So, love one anoth...

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7. The Relationship Between Heart

Make this hurt; Your words were spoken loud tonight; Just to hear the faintest whisper in my ear; And That’s all I needed to get my Heart and head on track; To Sort Through all these things I needed t...

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8. The Search

My face is buried in your hands; And I'm falling to my knees tonight; Wishing to be more than what I am; Just trying to find my place in life; Am I stuck here waiting on you? I'm wasting away here and...

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9. The Thief

I see you from across the room; My eyes tied and ever so consumed; Oh girl, you know you've got me; I wish you all the best of luck; To catch a careless thief that broke your heart; Oh girl, you know ...

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