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1. A Final Word

I was told I'd have the last word; Don't take that away from me; I'm holding on tight to my charm; Don't take that away from me; And I was told that was the final straw; I said "That's not the first t...

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2. A Little More

And I remember I found out who you are; Pretending not to know was the hardest part; And back when we were younger; You'd answer all my calls; You were always close; But were you ever there at all? We...

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3. Awake

Don't waste your time; Don't waste a minute; Believing in these wishful dreams; It never fit us well; And what at first was hard to tell; Became the sickness that directs me now; It's okay if you're a...

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4. Be Good, Be True

And I saw; Everything I needed to; And I heard; Nothing that I wanted to; And everything you said to me, Despite my doubts, I tried to believe; You tell me when to run away; But then you leave me all ...

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5. Distance

We're living in the airwaves; And blocking out the static; Doing anything to make us nearer; And so we begin to let go; Of anything that tries to draw; A line between where we find ourselves; Will we ...

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6. Don't Take Me Seriously

I didn't mean most; Of what I said before; So just forget that; Before it sinks to your core; I'd never want you; I'd never want you to go; I have a habit; Of opening my mouth; Before I have all; Of m...

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7. Empty Space

And all I wanted this to be was simple; But matters of heart never are; And all I am is just a face; An empty space that I fill up with mortal thoughts; But who are you to say that I've lost my way? T...

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8. Ending a Chapter

I'm starting a new year with the same resolutions; And I found a new love with all the same problems; So I walk through your front door; Just like the night before; To talk about my dreams and if they...

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9. Keep My Secrets

It was simple enough to say I quit; And it was easier to claim I'm working on it; But when the empty seat that's next to me; Is filled with what I wish to be; It's hard to stick to your guns; Stick to...

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10. Live and Learn

I'm starting to catch on; To what you told me; But I shrugged and laughed it off; Turned my back on you; So forgive me if you can; For all the hell I brought to you; Before I put myself through it fir...

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11. Lorely Signal


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12. Shake It Off

I used to be a clean white stone; Until you saw me lying there; Stomped me into the ground; And I used to care a lot about; How the drinks affected you; Until they drowned me out; I can shake it off; ...

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13. Solstice

When the sun goes away we will hide; In the warmth of a dark summer night; In the face of what we are not ready to be; We'll sing "No, it's not our time to go"; I tried to stay; As long as I could; Bu...

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14. Sundown

You said, "come meet me where the sun goes down"; You said, "come meet me at the edge of town"; And now you look just like a teenage queen; Just slow down cause we're exactly where we need to be; On a...

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15. Time Is On Your Side

Call off the guards; It's hard enough to; Get you alone as it is; Turn off the camera; And start acting natural; Let me see who you truly are; So what's the difference; Between who you are; And who yo...

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16. Try

I want to say that I already know what to do; But I've never been through a night like this without you; I'm stuck to the ceiling but I go on living; Victim to all that I'm waiting for; For you to cal...

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17. Used To This

We were caught; Dancing in the streets; While the rain put out the fires we set; The night before; And before we gave into; All the things we had avoided; I watched my inhibitions walk away; I could g...

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