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1. Falls Apart

Where did we go wrong this time? Did I say something that you didnt like? We've been over this a thousand times; I would take it back if it could change your mind; (chorus); I guess it doesnt matter; ...

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2. Gifted

Maybe im alone, in all of this; Or maybe its something, that we just missed; Its gone on to long, to sad words; For this song, throw another four letter smile out; Go away, i dont think we can be frie...

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3. Pillbox

(verse 1); i've made it this far; a brand new year; another birthday gone; my shallow hearted friend; (chorus); it's all in this pill box; these words for you; a song for my friend; something so brand...

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4. Sooner Than Now

(verse 1); where are my friends? the ones who will be in the end; you broke my heart this time; staring at me reading your lines; (chorus); bye my regrets, the things i said to you that night; we'll b...

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5. Thoughts Of You

But we still shine; Walk the line, waiting by; Dirty Windows, Broken Stairs; Looking for something that isnt there; The day you left, such a mess; Long times gone, and lay to rest; But we still shine;...

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6. Wave

(verse 1); i shouldn't find this funny; but maybe after all; i'm crawling and i'm spitting; down on the stairs in the hall; (chorus) x 2; but i'll wave when i'm gone from here; i'll turn the lights on...

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