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1. All For What

He wasn’t born to privilege, but he was born to scrimmage , realised to this world, there was more than image, knew to succeed , you must ignore your critics , loved his music , but deplored the busin...

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2. Are You Not Entertained

She's set up in her ways staying awful thin, he's fed up being poor and; got laws to bend, everywhere I walk distortion is, but are you not; entertained? Of course you is; She's set up in her ways sta...

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3. Caught Up In Fiction

I was caught up in fiction I lied to the world, told her a change won't follow; I told her don't waste your time anymore... (a renegade gotta face a change, stay away from them wasted days now break);...

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4. Fearless

G’day world, how ya doing? you in a palace or house in ruin. we all struggle, no doubt we human but we grinding out solutions. inner peace can be illusive when following dreams so ruthless, but family...

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5. Genesis Of a Control

We live in this, this ain't the joke of a conspiracist, just genesis of a control that could be limitless, ?so people come get your benefits, cameras on all perimeters bordering on ridiculous, 'and we...

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6. Hope

Many are stained with souls corrupt, hope they locate change when old enough. A message that I got when growing up ,is drink and smoke pot until ya throwing up. So is the world getting colder... nah, ...

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7. Take This Mirror

It's like a gamble to do what's right ( show us the light), but; one hand must throw that dice ( trust inside), many try to obstruct ya eyes (from the light); but when we gone will come the time ( to ...

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8. The Right Price

Step on anyone on your mission to rise up, human brethren have been listening to liars, killing for wealth or religion is a virus, rebelling from wisdom that guides us; Bombs loaded, caught in the mom...

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9. Walls Collide

Some its how they brought up, some they got caught up; Some they been tortured their thoughts stayed dormant; Then they started morphing got hardly any caution; Seemed nutty talking, was buddy's now w...

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