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1. On a Rainy Night

Don't cry; The phone won't ring; I'll try to forget you; Maybe in a month's time; This feels like free-falling down; Yeah, I know, you're the one who has to go; But please not tonight; Won't this ligh...

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2. One Bedroom Blues

I feel like a monster; Is under my bed; Ready to eat me; Did I drink too much? I don't know; I head for the kitchen; And open the fridge; But there's nothing in there; It's been like that since you've...

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3. Still Into You

t's so hard to be healthy, my doctor says I need a cure; 'cuz I'm risking a; serious breakdown; It's so hard to be wealthy, I mean, I'd like to get; there; but I think I need another life, baby; You s...

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4. Tangerine Tango

Salt and pepper chips; You've got juicy lips; but I'm way too shy; To try to kiss; You shake those hips; You give me the fits; I've got a devil inside; He's calling the hits; You say "Mon Dieu; That m...

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5. The Day i Quit

They showed me to the woods; Said I should sit and wait; "The dealer with the stuff; Ain't gonna be late."; It's starting to get dark; And no one's showing up; I'm starting to think; I was better off ...

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6. The Penguin Song

It was hard leaving my family down at the South Pole; But I couldn't resist the temptation of that ship; It had a sign saying "One way cargo - USA"; My friends, they told me not to go; But I think I r...

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