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1. A Prayer Before Dying

I say a prayer for you in this failing final hour. He wants to take you home. Just say a prayer for me and smile in my defeat; And live to suffer this no more. ; I celebrate in the light of you; Breat...

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2. A Walk Alone

cheers to life; and moments when they define; what broken hearts can t deny. and to hope; sincerest in it s design; yet manifested to blind; and my eyes, they can t always see the lie; yeah sometimes ...

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3. Forever Is Ok

Believe forever's ok; Do not fear the hands of time no, do not run away; I promise that i'll love you forever and a day; Even when the sun falls from the sky; You'll light my way; Just you; I will be ...

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4. Gibberish

I saw you, standing there; Eyes so bright; I thought I d die. A flame, inside of you. I caught you, Looking back; Lost my breath; A heart attack exploding; Inside of me. ; Shadows of you linger; Memor...

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5. Here Before

Here we are, on an old familiar road; We ve been here before done this before, oh; Seen this shit before we quit this once before. Here I stand killing myself again; All roads lead to here; I m bleedi...

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6. Miseries And Miracles

and I don’t believe in miracles. a light can only shine for so long; then it fades away; and I’m failing inside; and the shadows my eyes; find are blinding and breaking me. ; and I don’t believe in mi...

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7. My Final Goodbye

This is my final answer; Please listen to me; For eyes cannot hide the world; Please see more than words; You want more than I can give; More than what I am; You hurt more than you live; You breathe t...

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8. Pedestal

don't know what i was thinking; placing you so high above everyone else; i should have stopped myself; such a tragic waste you are; such a broken thing; i don't know how i let it get this far. ; i don...

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9. Promises

and I sometimes, fall victim to the; whirlwind of life; letting go; doesn't mean I'm letting go; (I won't let go); and all respite; may have seemed; ill conceived at the time; tragedy is what I'm figh...

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10. To Sleep And Dream

it’s not ok to die now, there is no letting go. a fate isn’t sealed with an angel’s kiss, this is your dream. and I’m holding this close, words and whispers and hope. i’m believing in you if no one el...

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11. When In Doubt

I call out your name; when running in circles; is all I can do. I m playing these games; of certain delusions; revolved around you; looking down; falling into; your eyes; I m playing these games of ci...

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