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1. A Silent Omen

The winter eve breathes silently; And the wind whispers through the trees; A silent omen to beckon me; Back to the place where we were strong; But I cannot turn back to face you; So I walk alone throu...

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2. Awakened

Awaken to silence; Am I dead, or is it all a dream? Etched into stone; Lies my name; dusty, unhallowed; Can you hear me now; Can you see me now; What is this all about; Where has my life gone; Everyth...

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3. Buried Dreams

Control my destiny; And take me away; Eternal agony, I'm possesed; Why did this happen to me; Memories are forever forgotten; Broken and weak I've failed; Now matter how hard I try; Everything dies in...

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4. Shadows From Beyond

This place I enter seems so different from mine; Sounds that words cannot explain; My mind guides me through this light; I am no longer a creature of this earth; Shadows from Beyond, shine your light ...

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5. Under The Weeping Moon

A weak opinion from a weak mind; Your lies bleed right through me; Disguised in innocence; I've carved your name in blood; Again I've been betrayed; I must walk alone; Upon this blackened Earth; And u...

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6. Welcome To Reality

Everyone you ever knew - a lie; Everything you ever knew - a lie; Everyone you ever saw - a lie; You are eternally blind; Breathe in the truth; The fact you aren't real; You were never real to begin w...

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