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1. All For The Money

Did you see him jump right off the speaker last night? I think I’ll do that, at our next show; I wanna be just like the guys I saw on TV; I wanna play the Roxy so bad, I can almost taste it; Don’t you...

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2. Anonymous

Where’s the line between; Genious and stupidity; What’s the difference; Between profound and offensive? You sing about my “empty” faith; While you call me closed-minded; I don’t even know your name. ;...

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3. Choose

When there’s no one there to talk to; no one to be your friend; turn your eyes upon Jesus; just throw him a line; it doesn’t matter when; He loves it when you pray; He loves the things you say; step u...

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4. Doomsday Robot Army

Over the hills the Doomsday Robot Army marches on becoming from the sea they're metal and they're strong hark the people in the village flee for the hills terror consumes and down their backs run the ...

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5. Effect Of The Scene

She puts on a shirt. ; It acts like camouflage, ; Protecting her from staring; eyes and cold remarks; Just fit in and no one will notice. ; Just pretend you get along with them; They will fake it righ...

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6. Fix Me Broken

It's hard to explain the truth when no one's there to listen to; You; It's hard to describe the way i see the world is treating you; It's hard to believe the promise jesus gave means so little to; You...

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7. Hermit Crab

This is torture at it's finest state my blankets are warm and there's too much on my plate I feel happy I feel dull the fireplace is glowing my wineglass is always full fix your hair I think I will sl...

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8. Hold Your Lying Tongue

Take a long look around think who can I talk about sin overcomes and the lies come pouring out this wretched river of ignorance birds all in the way the more water you create the more trouble you make...

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9. Persecution

Good husband, friend, and dad. He had a lot worth living for. He had flaws, he made mistakes; Just like anyone. ; Good to those who think like them; They never meant to hurt; Condescending attitudes; ...

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10. Please Don't Reveal The Ending

I stepped out of my house for the first time in my life; I'm feelin' pretty good; got on my best suit and tie; I'm riding in a car I've never been in before; it's black and followed by a few more; we ...

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11. Starcia Hates Her Job

My life is so busy And somehow; I always end up feeling idle; The more I think of what I am supposed to do, The more confused messed up I feel; I get up everyday and go to my nine-to-five; When my day...

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12. Stop Calling Us Ska

Stop calling us ska. don?t stuff us in your box; And set it on fire. It?s taken me three years to realize; Its such a hateful genre. If I sing about love I don?t fit in; If I sing about God I am not w...

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13. The Disease Of Cool

Why should we care about what other people think all it does is make our hearts sink I know as Christians we are set apart I know you want to be cool but listen to your heart God doesn't care what oth...

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14. The Lime Tree

Ring around my soul pocket full of pain posies my search for freedom continues but to no avail the sloth breathes it not I he sits atop a tree with his crown and scepter surveying his domain his glori...

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15. This Time Around

He hadn’t talked to his Father in a while; He was busy doing his own thing. ; Anything to get a cheap smile; Anything to keep him in denial; Sitting alone wandering in his thoughts; He felt a desperat...

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16. Twh

It’s just the wheelhouse can’t you see, ; The TWH doesn’t make it worth, the money; A glorified rink for skating; kids; It’s really absurd, it is; nothing big; Wayne, get those goons away; from me; I ...

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17. World Gone Cold

watching from the rock of; life where I can see the world afar it’s all burnt up from the Devil’s evil charm the world needed help God knows who to send He sends his only son you better get ready for ...

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