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1. Bring Out Your Dead

Tear out your brains; Living fantasy; Skulls on my wall; Adorning the bedroom walls; All of that hate inside; A Weapon to deploy; I hunt in the night; In shadows I hide and wait; All of my deepest fan...

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2. I, Gogog

My father; my chieftain; my leader in war; War; I'm standing victorious; I'm splattered in Gore; In Gore; I stand above you; And now I'm splattered in gore; I will ascend; Lamenting end; Our father; o...

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3. Into The Maelstrom

Children pick up your swords and fight; Be not afraid; A deadly calm preceds the storm; Tear yourself from your mothers' womb; Innocent no more; Into the lair of the wolves; Where legends are carved i...

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4. Warchiefs Of The Apocalypse

Domination! Sinister and evil Breed; Hunting human like a fuckin' disease; Devastation spread throughout the land; Now bare witness to the master plan; Warchiefs thundering; From hell to eternity; Doo...

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