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1. A Minha Menina

Ela é minha menina; E eu sou o menino dela; Ela e meu amor; E eu sou amor todinho dela; The silver moon is out of sight; And the golden sun has come; A beautiful new day is born; scented with joy; Cau...

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2. Angryman

Built my walls long and low; Knuckles crack and lillies grow; have a baby hold her up let her know; Leave the airport to the airplanes; Leave the taxis to the runways; silvers high up on the landing; ...

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3. Binnel Bay

Stumberling; Searching out; To make work; Slouched behavior and hammer blows; The counterman don't pay so send in the pounds; I.O.A. Ba na nana electricity; You've got many friends; From all the color...

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4. Chicken Payback

(Chicken); Pay the chicken back, back, Pay the chicken back, Pay back the chicken back, Do the chicken payback; (Piggy); Pay the piggy back, back, Pay the piggy back, Pay back the piggy back, Do the p...

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5. Go Karts

In the Sunday Times there's an article; About me and all and our go-karts; Lots of fancy words about two sets of wheels; That go fast; And only last week the news was read to me; By my best friend; Fu...

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6. Got To Let Go

I've got a job back in Texas; Cutting the grass before breakfast; Cleaning the park; I'm there til it's dark; But I'm saving up for a Lexus; I know it's fun; But I've got to leave; Over the sea with m...

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7. Horsemen

He was thinking like a mad man; He was jealous on his own; And the sooner he figures; That he won´t be going home; They left him the front key; Post it in when you go; Gave that man one more chance; T...

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8. Hourglass

I saw you on the swings, you were looking at the sky. Turned around and told me, there’s one reason why. You’re the keeper of you’re dreams, and the dreamer of you sake; What do you dream of when you’...

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9. I Love You

You wouldn´t walk away; If my stories they weren´t true; I love you; It´s only make believe; It´s something that I do; I love you; Baby there´s no lies; I wouldn´t make you cry; I love you; You´re cha...

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10. Listening Man

Tell me something away from trouble and away from doubting; Tell me straight from the spirit, from the top of the mountain; Let love be the reason between me and you; As real as the morning as fresh a...

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11. Lying In The Snow

Why is it so; Just looking at it from the window; Only the young ones know; So why'd you make us sing this song Jo; When will it go; There's something lying in the snow; Hiding out below; Getting away...

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12. No Atmosphere

There´s no; Atmosphere; On the moon; Much like the vibe in the room; Cold, closed out; Needs more fuel; Because it´s too damn cool; Like old king cole; He grew too old; Died and didn´t get his wish; T...

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13. No Trophy

Ask the riverman; Where the river flows; Ask the postman; Who he knows; There's the memory of mistrust; Pushing at the glass makes it stop; Laid down dry head to head; This is what we want; Sold out; ...

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14. One Glass Of Water

I would like one glass of water; And I would like to dance with your daughter; I would like if you would let me; Take your girl off to the party; I´d bring her home; Your one and only; I´d earn your w...

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15. Punchbag

Use me like a punchbag; I'm too much for a cage of monkeys; Here they come from the hole; In the back of my head; Very Carefully I stand; And I'll say i'll call again

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16. Sky Holds The Sun

I wanna hold you; like the sky holds the sun; I wanna hold you; like your hand holds my thumb

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17. Sweet Like A Champion

Sweet like a champion; You're little you're spinning around; Modern and lovely; Go beyond go quick; Hanging hanging moving over; Over to write; Late day shadow; Six silver stars; Drifting from the pie...

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18. The Start

Was it you in the shadows; I´ve got to get this right; Walking away with your arms folded tight; How can I promise; I´ll never let you down; Put one worf on me; I´m not the new man in town; Oh, that´s...

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19. These Are The Ghosts

You should think of a lesson; As a weapon of love; And teach your brother; Teach your sister; Think of a lesson as a weapon in love; There´s nothing you can do; But let time tick; Stay positive and sh...

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20. This Town

What's this game that you're playing; When you stand out of reach; Do your sums before you run; The brightest stones make the brightest beach; This towns got nothing for me; Cheap shots and bad jewell...

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21. Wash In The Rain

I try and I fail; Sometimes I even succeed; If you look at my life; I can´t complain; If you know what I mean; And it is all the same; If your holding out you can wash in the rain; Wash in the rain, w...

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22. You Got To Leave

Who'd have thought who'd have thought; You'd get the devil down go his knee; Holy smoke holy smoke; Only if you now believe; Hot times down to the ground; You're causing a crowd; The trouble is pride;...

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