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1. Angryman

Built my walls long and low; Knuckles crack and lillies grow; Have a baby hold her up; Let her know; Leave the airport to the airplanes; Leave the taxi to the runways; Silvers high up on the landing; ...

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2. Sweet Like a Champion

Sweet like a champion; You're little you're spinning around; Modern and lovely; Go beyond go quick; Hanging hanging moving over; Over to write; Late day shadow; Six silver stars; Drifting from the pie...

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3. The Start

Was it you in the shadows; I've got to get this right; Walking away with your arms folded tight; How can I promise; I'll never let you down; Put one worf on me; I'm not the new man in town; Oh, that's...

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4. This Town

What's this game that you're playing; When you stand out of reach; Do your sums before you run; The brightest stones make the brightest beach; This towns got nothing for me; Cheap shots and bad jewell...

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